I'm currently the Substitute Instructor for Fishman Karate in the Revolutionary army, but off hours I'd be delighted to answer any questions you may have. However I may not answer right away, unlike Sabo-kun I can keep my priorities straight.

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M!A Clothes on fire

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Well, this is a wonderful start to my love life.

"Eh, you know… just friends."

(( !!
Her official colours aren’t what I expected, but I’m not gonna complain. ))

(( !!

Her official colours aren’t what I expected, but I’m not gonna complain. ))

"ah uhm…"

"ah uhm…"


Thank you everyone for bringing me all the way to 3000 followers! Not bad for 10 months of blogging. I’ve had a lot of fun on tumblr, and I felt like I’ve been overdue to make something to show a little appreciation to the blogs that I follow who have helped make my dash so enjoyable. So thank you to everyone I follow, and to all the artists and graphics makes and other bloggers who I don’t follow but whose work I still always love seeing! Thank you everyone for making the One Piece fandom here such a warm and incredible one!


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!! aah, I feel appreciated! I really need to do more on this blog!

hey cuties!

So I can absolutely not believe it’s been a year since I got started watching One Piece and I made this blog… it’s been a great year of (too many) feels, tears, laughs and anxious waits for the brand new chapters… not to mention all the amazing nakama I’ve made along the way 

all the blogs below are run by lovely people and have made my dash amazing day after day (and of course, have made my one piece tumblr experience wonderful). so thank you, ily!

(btw Paty, I remember you complaining about not enough Kid.. so I ended up choosing Kid as my ff theme)

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ALSO TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH <3 don’t be shy to ever come talk to me! spread the nakama~

I’m on the list??? Me? ; A ; Thank you!

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